How to make a presentation

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  1. Start a fresh Etoys copy (in Strawberry, right-click the Etoys icon and choose "start" rather than resuming the latest project)
  2. click "new project"
  3. From the "supplies" box in the toolbar, drag out a "book".
  4. Use the top-left button to toggle more book controls
  5. Use the "+" button to add pages
  6. Place text on a page by dragging out a Text from the "supplies" box, resize after right-clicking by dragging the yellow handle
  7. Import images either via the clipboard or directly from the Journal (using the Journal icon in the top right)
  8. Add annotations using the paint tool
  9. Add visual and sound effects for turning pages in the book's menu.
  10. Play with the options in the book's menu (like "view pages full screen") etc.
    ... and of course you can place scripted objects / animations on the
    pages too if you like.

Also, the Etoys QuickGuides (accessible from the left-most button in
the toolbar) have an entire section on Books.

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