How to translate the Quick Guides

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The "Etoys Quick Guides" are the help pages within Etoys. Open them by clicking the left-most button (with the question mark) in the tool bar.

Each guide is actually a Book, typically with four pages. To translate it, make a copy of the Book and edit that (see below for screenshots):

  1. create a new, empty project
  2. open the help guides
  3. choose the one you want to translate
  4. get a halo on the guide
  5. copy it using the green halo handle
  6. enable the book controls from the halo menu, "book...", "page controls visible"

Now you can translate all pages of the guide. Edit text, replace screenshots etc.

When you are done, save the project with the translated guide. Make sure the first page of the book is visible when saving, otherwise it will always open on the wrong page. Look in the Quickguides folder to see how guide files are named. You can rename the guides to have a title in your local language. The file name must still start with the original stem (NavBar, Paint, etc). An example is (hyphens "-" in the file name become spaces to separate words).

If you put the .pr into the QuickGuides folder, you will be able to see it in the Help flap. Click the Help button once to close help, and once again to open it.

There is a bug currently (as of version 4.0.2247) so that .pr files are not automatically found. Here is a workaround:
The code gathering guides only looks for the files, but the code actually loading the guide works with both .pr and files. So if you put an empty next to the .pr it works fine.

We also found you can rename the guides to a local language, as long as the file name still starts with the original stem (NavBar, Paint, etc):

1 root admin 52454 Mar 20 12:08
1 root admin 0 Mar 20 12:48
Make sure to use ascii characters for the file names.

You can test a .pr file in the QuickGuides folder, but it is not in the proper format to include in the release.

The purpose of QuickGuideGenerator is to put a guide in to the proper format for distribution.

1) Make a folder called "To-Be-Converted" at the top level of your file system. Put the .pr files of all new guides into this folder.
1.5) Make a folder called "Newest" in the folder that has the Etoys image file. This must be a fresh new folder.
2) Start Etoys. You will NOT save this image.
3) Execute
QuickGuideGenerator new openInWorld.
4) Wait until a new window appears.
5) Find the folder "To-Be-Converted" in the list and click on it. It's path will appear in the top pane.
6) Press the "Generate" button. Wait.
7) Quit Etoys without saving.
8) "Newest" will now have a .sexp file for each guide that was a .pr file. Files ending in .sexp contain Yoshiki's S-expression linearization of object trees.
9) Copy the .sexp files to QuickGuides, and remove the .pr files of the same name.
10) Start Squeak and view your new guides.


Create a new project:
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Click the help button:
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Select the guide category:
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Select a guide:
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Right-click once in the empty space of the guide to bring up its halo (use Cmd-click on a Mac):
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Duplicate the guide:
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Drag it into the world:
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Click the menu halo handle:
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Choose the book menu item:
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Make page controls visible:
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Close the help flap:
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Get the halo for the text (halo-click twice):
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Open the text's halo menu:
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Unlock the text:
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Select the first sentence:
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Translate it:
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Select the second sentence:
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Translate it too:
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Bring up the text's halo again:
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Lock the text:
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Go to the next page:
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Translate it, too:
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Now translate all pages, go back to the first page, and save the project:
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