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kathleen on ISTE

George and I look forward to having Squeakland handouts at ISTE/NECC, thanks.

The ISTE site has a section called Webinars: 60 minute presentations. Subscribers pay $795 for a season pass .

Have you looked at the site and do you think the Waveplace Etoys video lessons could be used as a base for a web cast? ISTE lessons ranged from geocaching to differentiated instruction with technology. I didn't see anything like what we are doing ( I didn't get into their archives) so either we would be a new direction for them or a tangent that would be ignored. ISTE gets a different cross section of viewers than You Tube.

Walter has done many web casts, maybe he would have opinions about this. Perhaps we could look at this after the March 20th release and when we have the site loaded with projects and teaching/learning resources.


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