Basic Etoys 02

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Basic Etoys 02 - SUPPLIES

This lesson introduces the "supply box" where students can retrieve various tools and shapes. Covered in the lesson are the "book" object, the "text" object, the "sound recorder" object, and the "object catalog", which shows many more objects that they can use. The lesson's activity will be to create several new projects that contain various objects from the supply box.

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  1. Click the box icon in toolbar to open the supply box.
    • Close the supply box icon again to close it.
  2. Drag shapes and other objects from the supply box to the area below and drop them.
  3. Each of the objects can be separately moved by dragging them.
  4. Whatever you click last moves in front of other objects.
  5. Find out about supply box objects by holding the mouse pointer on them to see balloon help.
  6. The grab patch and lasso tools makes little pictures of your screen.
    • To use grab patch, rubberband a rectangle by dragging around the area you want.
    • To use the lasso, draw any shape around the area you want.
  7. Add text by dragging out the text object, then double-clicking it and typing.
    • To finish adding text, click anywhere else on the screen.
  8. The book object lets you add objects to multiple pages, like a real book.
    • To add and delete pages, click the more controls button on the left, then click the plus and minus buttons.
    • Remember to click the fewer controls button to hide the plus and minus buttons so you won't accidentally delete a page.
    • Click the left arrow to go to an earlier page.
    • Click the right arrow to go to a later page.
    • When it says "2/5" it means you are on page 2 out of a total of 5 pages.
    • When dragging objects into books, make sure the mouse pointer is inside the book.
    • If you change pages and the object is still there, you need to move it inside the book by dropping it with the pointer inside the book.
  9. The sound recorder allows you to record your voice and other sounds.
    • Click record to start recording. The circle will turn red.
    • Click *stop" to stop recording. The circle will become clear.
    • Click play to hear your sound again.
    • You can record a new sound by clicking record again.
  10. The object catalog is like a super supply box.
    • Click the buttons at top to change the object catalog category.
  11. Add new objects to the supply box by dragging them in and dropping them.
    • This allows you to make copies easily by dragging out over and over.
    • Putting stuff into the supply box is a great way to transfer things to other projects.

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