Basic Etoys 03

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Basic Etoys 03 - SKETCHES

This lesson introduces the paint tools, including the canvas, brush, paint bucket, eraser, eyedropper, and various shapes. Students will learn how to create individual sketches, with emphasis that there should be one self-contained image in each sketch. The lesson's activity will be to create a scene of the student's choosing, with many sketches arranged in the world.

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HANDOUT - ([en]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

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  1. Clicking the paint icon in the toolbar opens up the paint toolbox and canvas.
  2. The currently selected tool in the toolbox is highlighted with a white border.
  3. With the brush tool selected, click and drag on the canvas to draw.
    • The little circle under the brush shows where the paint will appear.
  4. Click the undo button to remove the last thing you did.
  5. The eraser tool erases what you have already painted.
    • The little rectangle below the eraser shows what will be erased.
  6. Choose a different brush size to draw or erase bigger or smaller amounts.
  7. To change color, move the pointer over the palette and click to select a color.
    • The current color is shown in the brush size circles.
    • Choose shades of gray from the strip to the right.
    • Choose "no color" to erase with the brush or paint bucket.
  8. Choose from recent colors by clicking the color squares below the palette.
  9. Choose any color on the screen with the eyedropper tool.
  10. Use the paint bucket to fill an area with the current color.
    • The paint begins flowing at the little crosshair in the paint drip.
    • Paint will flow until it reaches another color.
    • If there is a hole in the shape you are filling, it will fill the entire canvas.
  11. When happy with your sketch, click the Keep button to save it and close the canvas.
  12. You can move sketches just like other objects by dragging them.
  13. Drawing another sketch on top of a sketch does not change the original sketch.
  14. Sketches can be moved independently of each other.
    • The last sketch you touch appears in front of everything else.
  15. Draw many smaller sketches rather than big scenes with many things in them.
  16. Open the shape bin to draw with rectangles, circles, stars, and polygons.
    • Click a yellow circle to move a polygon corner.
    • Click a green arrow to add a new line to a polygon.
  17. Open the stamp bin and click a stamp to define a pattern, just like grab patch.
    • Keep clicking the stamp to make copies of the pattern.
    • You can make several stamps and switch between them by clicking their patterns.
  18. Click the clear button to erase your entire canvas.
  19. Click the toss button to erase your canvas and also close it.

PROJECT - (multi)

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