Basic Etoys 04

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Basic Etoys 04 - HALOS

This lesson introduces the Etoys halo, including tools for deleting, copying, resizing, rotating, and repainting their sketches. The lesson's activity will be to create a new scene such as a fish tank that includes many copies of the same sketches, rotated, resized, and repainted.

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  1. To open an object's halo, right-click on it (cmd-click on the Mac).
    • The halo is like a toolbar that goes around an object.
    • Each button is called a handle because it lets you hold or change an object.
  2. Drag the black pick up handle to move an object around.
    • You don't need pick-up for sketches, but you do need it for text and other objects.
  3. Click the green duplicate handle to make a copy of your object.
  4. Drag the yellow resize handle to change the size of your object.
    • If you hold the shift key first, your object will stay the same shape.
  5. Drag the rotate handle in a circle to spin your object around.
  6. Click the delete handle to move the object to the trash can.
    • You can also drag an object directly into the trash can.
    • Make sure your mouse point is over the trash can when you let go.
    • To recover something from the trash, first double click the trash can, then drag the object out of the yellow box.
    • You can also close the trash box by clicking its circle icon.
  7. Click the repaint handle to open the canvas on an existing sketch.
    • The canvas will contain your original sketch.
    • When you click Keep, it will apply any changes to the sketch automatically.
  8. Click the collapse handle to put an object away into a small bar.
    • Open the object again by clicking the circle icon.
  9. Name your sketches by clicking "Sketch1", typing, and clicking Enter.

PROJECT - (multi)

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