Basic Etoys 05

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Basic Etoys 05 - VIEWERS

This lesson introduces the Etoys viewer as a collection of commands and variables that can be used for each sketch and object. The pen will be introduced to show motion, shapes, and patterns. Students will explore giving various commands such as "forward by" and "turn by" to make sketches move.

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  1. A viewer lets you look inside of objects and script them.
  2. To open an object's viewer, open it's halo and click its blue viewer handle.
  3. Viewers contain tiles, which are the building blocks of scripting.
  4. There are there kinds of tile: command tiles, variable tiles, control tiles.
  5. Command tiles tell objects to do something.
  6. Variable tiles indicate something about an object that can change.
  7. Click the yellow exclamation point to perform a command once.
  8. To change a variable, click the up and down green arrows or click the number, type, and hit Enter.
  9. The forward by command tells your object to move forward step by step.
  10. The turn by command tells your object to rotate.
  11. Change the forward direction in the halo by shift-dragging the green arrow.
  12. Tiles are grouped within the viewer by categories.
  13. Change the category by clicking the green arrow next to each category name.
  14. Hold the mouse pointer over the name of a tile to see its balloon help.
  15. To use the pen, open the pen use category and change the pen down variable to true.
  16. Change the pen color by clicking the little color box and picking from the palette.
  17. Click the clear pen trails command to erase all pen drawings on the screen.
  18. Draw a rectangle by using "forward by 200" and "turn by 90".
  19. Try to draw a triangle and a circle.
  20. Find tiles with the search pane by typing some text and hitting Enter.
  21. Close a viewer pane by clicking the circle button next to it.
  22. Open up a new search pane by choosing "add search pane" from the menu button.
  23. Click the viewer's thumbnail to hide and show the viewer without closing it.
  24. Click the viewer's circle button at the top to close the viewer completely.

PROJECT - (multi)

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