Basic Etoys 06

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Basic Etoys 06 - SCRIPTS

This lesson introduces Etoys scripts, which are used to add motion and interaction to sketches and objects. A moving sketch and a target sketch will be drawn, then the class will change "forward by" and "turn by" numbers to have the two collide. Other numbers will be used to create spirograph patterns with two simultaneous scripts in two sketches.

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HANDOUT - ([en]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

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OUTLINE - ([en]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

  1. A script is like recipe for how to do something.
  2. To make a script, drag a tile out to the white background.
  3. Click the script's yellow exclamation point to do the script once.
  4. Click the script's clock to do the script over and over.
  5. To pause a script, click the clock again.
  6. Drag another tile to a script and drop into the green drop area.
  7. Use "turn by" with different numbers, such as 70, to draw different shapes.
  8. Use the bounce command from the motion category to bounce off the screen edges.
    • You can also choose a sound to make whenever it hits the sides.
  9. Change the tick rate by holding the mouse button down on the clock.
  10. Hide your script by clicking the circle button on the script.
  11. To open it again, drag the script by its name to the white area.
  12. Change the name of your script by clicking the name, typing, and pressing Enter.
  13. Delete a script by choosing "destroy this script" from the script's menu button.
  14. Make a button to do a script by choosing "button to fire this script" from the menu.

PROJECT - (multi)

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