Basic Etoys 09

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Basic Etoys 09 - ANIMATIONS

This lesson introduces animation. Students will be taught how to make animation frames and put them in a holder. They will then make scripts to create the animations. The lesson's activity will be to add animation to various sketches from the previous lesson.

SCREENCAST - (en) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

HANDOUT - ([en]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

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OUTLINE - ([en]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

  1. To make animation, first drag the holder from the supply box.
  2. Next, make a copy of your sketch (the first frame) and drag it into the holder.
  3. Resize the holder to make it fit.
  4. Make another copy, then repaint it to make small changes to the new frame.
  5. Make a copy of frame 2, then move frame to into the holder.
  6. Repaint the third and following frames in the same manner.
  7. Make sure your frames are in the correct order.
  8. The black box around a frame is called the cursor.
  9. Make an "animate" script for your original sketch.
  10. Drag the look like tile from the graphics category to your script.
  11. Open the viewer for the Holder and drag out the player at cursor variable from the collections category to your animate script.
  12. Then drag the cursor variable by the white arrow and make it say "cursor increase by 1"
  13. Collapse the holder to put it out of the way temporarily.
  14. Hide the holder by clicking hide tile from miscellaneous category.
  15. To show it again, click the show tile.
  16. To find hidden objects, use the players panel from the supply box.

PROJECT - (multi)

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