Basic Etoys 10

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Basic Etoys 10 - GAMES

This lesson brings everything together by creating a simple game out of earlier elements. Students will add a "score" variable that will be incremented when certain tests occur. Keyboard interaction will also be introduced.

SCREENCAST - (en) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

HANDOUT - ([en]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

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OUTLINE - ([en]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

  1. To make one object chase another, use the turn towards tile from the motion category and the other object's tile.
  2. To move to random positions, use the random tile from the mini supply box in the script.
    • Change the random value to the biggest random number you wish.
    • To change to a random location, change to a random X and random Y.
  3. Before the go button will work, you need to click each script's clock at least once.
  4. To make a master reset script, make reset scripts for each other, then open the halo for the world, which is the screen's background.
    • Drag each object's reset script like a normal command tile to the master reset script
    • Make a button for the "world reset" script to easily start everything over.
  5. Create a new variable by clicking the orange down arrow in the viewer.
  6. To make a watcher for the variable, drag the variable and dropping on the background.
  7. Initialize the score variable in the world reset script.
  8. Create a relational test by dragging a variable to the test block's test part.
  9. Change the type of relational test by clicking "<=" and choose what you want.
  10. To pause a script, choose the pause script tile from the scripting category.

PROJECT - (multi)

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