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This lesson introduces the paint tools, including the canvas, brush, paint bucket, eraser, eyedropper, and various shapes. Students will learn how to create individual sketches, with emphasis that there should be one self-contained image in each sketch. The lesson's activity will be to create a scene of the student's choosing, with many sketches arranged in the world.

h3. SCREENCAST - ([sq:en|^basic-etoys-03.mp4]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)


h3. HANDOUT - ([en|sq:basic-etoys-03-handout.pdf]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

|| !basic-etoys-03-front.png|width=400! ||!basic-etoys-03-back.png|width=400!||

h3. OUTLINE - ([en|sq:basic-etoys-03-outline.pdf]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)

# Clicking the *paint icon* in the toolbar opens up the paint *toolbox* and *canvas*.