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h2. Basic Etoys 01 - PROJECTS

This lesson introduces Etoys as a learning environment. It teaches how to open Etoys, explore the gallery, and create new projects. Students learn to explore and save projects to local storage and the Squeakland Showcase. In the lesson's activity, students will explore sample projects from the gallery, showcase, and local storage.

h3. SCREENCAST - ([en|^basic-etoys-01.mp4]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)


h3. HANDOUT - ([en|^basic-etoys-01-handout.pdf]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)


h3. OUTLINE - ([en|^basic-etoys-01-outline.pdf]) (ht) (es) (pt) (fr) (de) (ja)


h3. PROJECT - ([multi|])