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education team meeting September 22

attending: Kathleen, Avigail, Randy, Cherry, Steve, Rita

- we discussed the google RISE Award, we will use Squeak Germany to manage the funding, since it is an established non-profit organisation

- Randy suggested to get an letter of recommendation from Alan Kay

- basic outline: we focus on the website, at the moment we do have a rather closed website, we want to change that to be more open source, making our materials easier accessible, providing space for communication

- Cherry reported from her work at the Philippines, kids are good at Etoys, better than the teachers, but teachers accept their role and concentrate more on subject matter, accept to be taught some Etoys things by the kids, some kids who are academically below the average are very good at Etoys, this helps to get better results in other areas, too

- kids love the quick guides, there is a mailing list to ask questions, kids an teachers need more help, more material, especially offline ressources

chat log:

[22.09.11 18:45:45] Rita Freudenberg: hi there

[22.09.11 18:46:01] akathleen: hi steve

[22.09.11 18:49:20] akathleen: http://www.google.com/diversity/rise/index.html

[22.09.11 18:49:34] stevesargon: okay found it

[22.09.11 18:50:10] stevesargon: same for me

[22.09.11 18:50:13] Cherry Withers: Found it

[22.09.11 18:50:59] Randall Caton:  i see it

[22.09.11 18:51:22] Cherry Withers: Deadline for RISE app is Oct 31st

[22.09.11 18:52:23] stevesargon: +1 for Website

[22.09.11 18:54:04] stevesargon: Kathleen, I would love to get connected to the Scratch folks at some point (they will be assimilated ;)

[22.09.11 18:55:54] stevesargon: Yes, list of schools using Etoys (Gerald Ardito, is one contact, and there is someone in Virginia who is interested, etc)

[22.09.11 18:56:27] stevesargon: We could setup the web site to allow "Classroom spaces" where classes can have private/shared showcases

[22.09.11 18:56:43] Cherry Withers: There are two in the Philippines but it there internet connection is always down.

[22.09.11 18:56:57] akathleen: Amon.Millner@gmail.com is who we are working with writing a curriculum called Computer Programming Tools in Schools. It will be for middle/high schools.

[22.09.11 19:03:13] stevesargon: Two parts the CMS (aka Drupal) and the showcase portion (perhaps Google App Engine woudl be a better fit, plus the benefit of a Google product in the mix)

[22.09.11 19:03:17] stevesargon: Drupal

[22.09.11 19:03:17] Cherry Withers: Drupal

[22.09.11 19:03:25] Rita Freudenberg: brief outline for the proposal

[22.09.11 19:03:32] Cherry Withers: Because Google is all about open source

[22.09.11 19:03:41] stevesargon: Need to step out, hopefully be right back.

[22.09.11 19:04:00] Rita Freudenberg: use drupal for creating online resources to better spread Etoys

[22.09.11 19:06:09] stevesargon: Ok I'm back

[22.09.11 19:08:00] stevesargon: Very few new contributions

[22.09.11 19:09:40] stevesargon: Yes! Google, help creating the Showcase.

[22.09.11 19:09:56] Cherry Withers: I'll be back..

[22.09.11 19:10:58] stevesargon: There are other browsers, maintaining for all browser will always be an issue.

[22.09.11 19:11:43] stevesargon: FYI, I am running WIndows 7 and the plug in works with Chrome

[22.09.11 19:12:56] stevesargon: http://www.google.com/chrome Try it, its a better (and Google Browser)

[22.09.11 19:13:46] stevesargon: The money is probably needed for art work as well

[22.09.11 19:14:26] Cherry Withers: If we can get the backbone structure done with the current art work I think it will be a good start. We can then ALL work

[22.09.11 19:14:37] Cherry Withers: +1 with Kathleen

[22.09.11 19:15:47] Cherry Withers: If anyone has worked with Wordpress to make a blog...the beginning skills will be akin to that in a more open system

[22.09.11 19:17:24] Cherry Withers: We will keep trying!

[22.09.11 19:18:01] akathleen: i like the idea of writing one outline we can send to more than one funding source but it sounds like we need to stay close to Squeak.org

[22.09.11 19:18:30] Cherry Withers: Great!

[22.09.11 19:19:18] Cherry Withers: Wow even better!

[22.09.11 19:21:48] stevesargon: Yes, that kid is great!! I love that he can go back and forth in both languages/environments

[22.09.11 19:23:50] stevesargon: Ooh, cool question. How old were these kids?

[22.09.11 19:28:58] stevesargon: Moving verses changing costumes

education team meeting June, 23 and June, 16

Rita, Steve, Marta, Avigail, Randy, Ana Maria, Carlos

In our meeting yesterday we had a great discussion with Ana Maria Vacca from the Catholic university of Montevideo about Squeakfest, how to build on that, how to follow up, how can we support the teachers and students to use Etoys in the classroom. Ana Maria told us about the current situation in Uruguay, where most of the teachers are not using the computer in new ways. For instance, when starting Etoys, they see the book, that reminds them of power point and this is the way they use Etoys. Her aim is to help them use the computer in powerful ways, to use it to enhance learning. That requires a change in teaching.
Marta stated that we need to think beyound the classroom, that the educational system needs to change. The coordinators in the educational systems need to understand, why learning powerful ideas is worthwhile. One of her ideas was to compare the traditional teaching to teaching powerful ideas. We also need to explain the value of Etoys and constructionist learning to the parents.

We will continue the discussion, we will connect with the education team at Plan Ceibal and talk about the ceibal portal. We would like to put more information about Etoys there, especially a forum where teachers and users can ask questions and get answers.
Ana Maria will take a closer look at Etoys, especially on Randy's projects. Then we can make more concrete plans. Until then, Randy suggested we start a new book for teachers to help them to introduce Etoys in their classrooms. We will start with an outline soon.

Thank you all for a great meeting!

June 23

[23.06.11 19:06:10] Rita Freudenberg: hi everyone
[23.06.11 19:06:27] stevesargon: I see
[23.06.11 19:08:22] Rita Freudenberg: introductory round
[23.06.11 19:12:34] Rita Freudenberg: Ana Maria is working on workshops for educators for secondary school
[23.06.11 19:20:15] stevesargon: Is there a copy of Randy's presentation? video?
[23.06.11 19:21:08] Rita Freudenberg: there was no recording at Squeakfest
[23.06.11 19:21:48] stevesargon: How can we support Ana Maria?
[23.06.11 19:23:32] Rita Freudenberg: prepare some lessons for workshops
[23.06.11 19:26:08] Rita Freudenberg: ceibal portal where we can put examples
[23.06.11 19:27:50] stevesargon: It would be good to post Powerful Ideas to the portal.
[23.06.11 19:28:40] stevesargon: It would fit here interest in Kinematics
[23.06.11 19:32:14] stevesargon: Yes Avigail agreed
[23.06.11 19:34:25] stevesargon: We can do that
[23.06.11 19:34:53] stevesargon: but we need folks in country
[23.06.11 19:38:49] stevesargon: A forum on the Ceibal web site for trainers and others to ask "How can I ..."
[23.06.11 19:38:59] stevesargon: "Why isn't this working ..."
[23.06.11 19:43:54] Marta Voelcker: maybe because there is another question before "How can I..." techers might be thinkings "why should I ..."
[23.06.11 19:48:22] Marta Voelcker: and seems to me that CEIBAL DIDN´T BRING UP THis things as a goal
[23.06.11 19:50:15] Rita Freudenberg: Ana MAria: How can we use Etoys to enhance learning?
[23.06.11 19:50:23] Marta Voelcker: I think that it is our role to help ceibal to express this things as a goal, becaese they want it , they just have not stated pririties and new goals that are now possible with the use of technology
[23.06.11 19:53:12] stevesargon: So one of my thoughts on that question is to "go to them" by providing Etoys to help them teach concepts they already teach in different and hopefully more powerful ways, where kids can constuct themselves. That said, I still struggle and see lots of problems with my approach.
[23.06.11 19:53:32] stevesargon: What we need (I think) are concrete examples of what we are talking about
[23.06.11 19:53:39] stevesargon: That is hard.
[23.06.11 19:55:05] stevesargon: Yes, we need to demonstrate small successes

Randy, Avigail, Rita, Steve

June 16

next week Ana Maria Vacca will join our talk
[17.06.11 18:09:57] Rita Freudenberg: Avigail reports about the project with MIT
[17.06.11 18:12:25] Rita Freudenberg: project about using scratch, starlogo and etoys for teaching computer science
[17.06.11 18:12:52] Rita Freudenberg: by going from one platform to another, learning about programming
[17.06.11 18:13:23] stevesargon: Also Mark Gudial's program for teachers is very good
[17.06.11 18:14:31] Rita Freudenberg: aimed at middle and highschool students
[17.06.11 18:17:44] stevesargon: Do they have a list of CS topics or "Computational Thinking" topics?
[17.06.11 18:20:23] stevesargon: Do you have a link to a list of topics for the German curricullum?
[17.06.11 18:25:15] stevesargon: http://www.squeakland.org/showcase/project.jsp?id=11011
[17.06.11 18:25:36] stevesargon: The above link is my lesson 1 for Computer Science based upon Mark Guzdial's course
[17.06.11 18:26:35] stevesargon: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/mediaComp-teach
[17.06.11 18:27:09] stevesargon: For Teachers:
Python Second edition slides
Python 2ed Errata
[17.06.11 18:32:48] Rita Freudenberg: barry newell
[17.06.11 18:37:15] Rita Freudenberg: make a questionnaire for squeakfest participants
[17.06.11 18:38:19] Rita Freudenberg: ask for feedback from squeakfest, dividing between workshops and presentations
[17.06.11 18:38:38] Rita Freudenberg: avigail suggests to ask why they came to squeakfest, how they heard about it
[17.06.11 18:40:18] Rita Freudenberg: ask if the would attend squeakfest 2012 to buenos aires
[17.06.11 18:41:39] Rita Freudenberg: tell the argentinians about the support from the embassy marta got
[17.06.11 18:45:54] stevesargon: Ideally the conference would have kids workshops as well
[17.06.11 18:47:38] Avigail Snir: What do yremember most? What was the most beneficial? Do you plan to use Etoys next year? iWhat type of help will be mosy usefull? What are the main hurdles for using Etoys in your classes? What benefits do you see for your class, if any?
[17.06.11 18:47:54] stevesargon: Okay, sorry, need to run, thanks.
[17.06.11 18:47:55] Rita Freudenberg: put on the questionnaire if teachers would give a workshop for children
[17.06.11 18:53:08] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.squeakland.org/resources/community/
[17.06.11 18:59:35] stevesargon: I just posted an announcement for some invited talks we're having at
OLPC's new offices this Friday:
It will all be live-streamed at:
[17.06.11 18:59:50] stevesargon: But I'm pretty sure we'd have at least one
person in #olpc-devel on freenode,
[17.06.11 19:00:53] Rita Freudenberg: neal stephenson
[17.06.11 19:00:55] Rita Freudenberg: diamond age
[17.06.11 19:06:56] Rita Freudenberg: research in using games in the classroom, Avigail will send a link

education team meeting, May, 5

[05.05.11 19:15:44] Rita Freudenberg: hi
[05.05.11 19:15:59] Rita Freudenberg: hi mariana!
[05.05.11 19:16:15] Mariana Herrera: Hola a todos
[05.05.11 19:16:10] Randall Caton: hi
[05.05.11 19:16:29] Rita Freudenberg: great
[05.05.11 19:18:07] Rita Freudenberg: mariana, what kind of presentations would you want from Avigail, Steve or Randyß
[05.05.11 19:18:26] Randall Caton: What is the plan for the cantasia presentations Gary will create?
[05.05.11 19:18:55] Randall Caton: Will they be used at Squeakfest?
[05.05.11 19:19:01] Randall Caton: I have mine ready.
[05.05.11 19:19:12] Rita Freudenberg: we can use everything we have
[05.05.11 19:23:54] Rita Freudenberg: we are looking at your squeakfest document right now, Mariana
[05.05.11 19:25:55] Rita Freudenberg: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h6CIS9Tz06dUG095hr3vkG_53UlbbaOIxOCRAMspyCw/edit?hl=en#
[05.05.11 19:40:56] Rita Freudenberg: Mariana, do you think that the audience will be primary school teachers mostly?
[05.05.11 19:42:38] Rita Freudenberg: profesores de escueala primaria y escuela secundaria.
[05.05.11 19:42:18] Mariana Herrera: Porque las Xo de todos son entregadas a los alumnos con Etoys
[05.05.11 19:43:59] Rita Freudenberg: Básico es para personas que no saben nada de Etoys, que nunca lo usaron
[05.05.11 19:43:20] Mariana Herrera: Avanzado es para los que saben un poco.
[05.05.11 19:44:22] Rita Freudenberg: Basic is for people who know nothing of Etoys, which never used it
[05/05/1911 19:43:20] Mariana Herrera: Advanced is for those who know a little.
[05.05.11 19:47:20] Rita Freudenberg: Mariana, do you remember the kedama workshop from cherry? would that be good for the advanced workshop?
[05.05.11 20:02:37] Rita Freudenberg: Randy discusses the advantages of Etoys over the other activities, because you can incorporate all the media
[05.05.11 20:03:33] Rita Freudenberg hat stevesargon zu diesem Chat hinzugefügt
[05.05.11 20:05:13] Rita Freudenberg: Randy mentions that Rico already did a timeline project
[05.05.11 20:05:19] stevesargon: http://mrstevesscience.blogspot.com/2011/05/how-i-create-etoys-minute-videos-for.html
[05.05.11 20:06:56] Randall Caton: Look at any Neroid comic at http://www.pcs.cnu.edu/~rcaton/ESUG/ESUG.html
[05.05.11 20:07:48] stevesargon: That's a nice touch
[05.05.11 20:07:57] stevesargon: We could have the Timeline "auto-play"
[05.05.11 20:08:41] Rita Freudenberg: steve explains an idea for timeline project in etoys, using a book, a line with items, when you mouse-over, the picture and text is show, when you click, you go to the page
[05.05.11 20:14:43] stevesargon: sorry someone stepped into my office is the call still on or over?
[05.05.11 20:16:11] Randall Caton: over
[05.05.11 20:16:17] stevesargon: thanks
[05.05.11 20:16:33] Avigail Snir: hi
[05.05.11 20:16:38] stevesargon: hi
[05.05.11 20:17:37] Avigail Snir: Did you look at the 3D moon phasesI send?
[05.05.11 20:18:00] stevesargon: Yes, but only a little bit, sorry too many things going on
[05.05.11 20:18:59] Avigail Snir: I'll free you now. I was just amazed at the results and disappointed I did not think about it before
[05.05.11 20:19:22] stevesargon: It's always obvious after you think of it
[05.05.11 20:19:35] stevesargon: bye
[05.05.11 20:19:38] Avigail Snir: BYE

education meeting April 28

Avigail, Steve, Gary, and Rita attended the meeting.

We discussed several things, some Squeakfest related and some about distance-learning. Steve showed us a great way to make really quick a registration page for Squeakfest, using Google docs and Google spreadsheet. For our Squeakfest online presentations, we need to prepare the slides and make a video. It would be good to provide subtitles in English for translation. In any case, we also need to submit our proposals on the Squeakfest website!

[28.04.11 19:10:34] Rita Freudenberg: http://waveplace.org/news/blog/
[28.04.11 19:12:06] stevesargon: We got great feedback from Caroline Meeks, on Randy's Science lessons that were used in Haiti
[28.04.11 19:12:50] stevesargon: hi
[28.04.11 19:13:27] Rita Freudenberg: http://twitter.com/
[28.04.11 19:16:02] stevesargon: Caroline used it with some kids from the Haitian community in some city in California
[28.04.11 19:18:33] stevesargon: stepping away for a minute
[28.04.11 19:21:18] stevesargon: use goodle spreadsheet and google form to register folks
[28.04.11 19:21:26] Beth Santos: Beth Santos hat den Chat verlassen
[28.04.11 19:21:30] stevesargon: Tim can inline the form
[28.04.11 19:25:45] Rita Freudenberg: make the registration for Squeakfest using google docs and google spreadsheets
[28.04.11 19:26:48] stevesargon: http://www.fossed.com/
[28.04.11 19:26:53] stevesargon: Click on Register
[28.04.11 19:29:28] stevesargon: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHRzREJ5aG1CRkJzTGtqd1hWbDM4aHc6MQ
[28.04.11 19:29:39] stevesargon: Please register for Squeakfest here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHRzREJ5aG1CRkJzTGtqd1hWbDM4aHc6MQ
[28.04.11 19:29:47] Rita Freudenberg: very nice!
[28.04.11 19:32:21] Gary Lebowitz: virtuellement-la.com
[28.04.11 19:33:44] Rita Freudenberg: http://code.google.com/p/openqwaq/
[28.04.11 19:34:03] Rita Freudenberg: this is an open version of the forum software we used some time ago
[28.04.11 19:34:16] stevesargon: Open version of Teleplace?
[28.04.11 19:34:19] Rita Freudenberg: yes
[28.04.11 19:34:36] Rita Freudenberg: I'm not sure what functionality will be in there, and it is pretty new
[28.04.11 19:36:51] stevesargon: So what is the list of functinality needed?
[28.04.11 19:38:31] stevesargon: ellumintate
[28.04.11 19:44:59] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.smfon.org.np/conference/index1.php
[28.04.11 19:46:29] Gary Lebowitz: gurq.org/gary/videos/ece0-1.wmv
[28.04.11 19:48:05] Gary Lebowitz: http://gurq.org/gary/videos/ece0.wmv
[28.04.11 19:48:07] Gary Lebowitz: try this one
[28.04.11 19:52:09] Gary Lebowitz: http://gurq.org/gary/videos/ece1.wmv
[28.04.11 19:54:49] Rita Freudenberg: there is a command "global" to start something at the same time for everyone
[28.04.11 19:55:48] Rita Freudenberg: but this does not work if an avatar is looking in the wrong direction
[28.04.11 19:55:57] stevesargon: mathpickle.com
[28.04.11 20:00:19] Gary Lebowitz: (told you so! ;-)
[28.04.11 20:01:03] stevesargon: http://www.mathpickle.com/K-12/Videos.html
[28.04.11 20:01:18] stevesargon: And how do we get kids to move from playing to thinking?
[28.04.11 20:01:33] stevesargon: Or Etoys on Android
[28.04.11 20:02:00] Gary Lebowitz: i have an HTC Desire HD so I'd love to have Etoys on Android
[28.04.11 20:05:05] Gary Lebowitz: https://mail.google.com/mail/?hl=en&shva=1#inbox/12f9c481f89fcf2a
[28.04.11 20:05:19] Gary Lebowitz: sorry
[28.04.11 20:05:30] Gary Lebowitz: i will get the right address for this IBM event in Dublin soon

education meeting, March 31

Steve attended the OER glue webinar (thanks!) and reported that it is a great idea, but not yet ready to use. They are creating a system to integrate several technologies to your website. This sounds interesting for us, but it is in fact another plugin the user has to install and enable to use the functionality. But they are interested in including the etoys plugin into their system. This would be great! You can read more about it here: http://www.oerglue.com/see-how-oerglue-works

Gary is working on Steve's presentation for Squeakfest Uruguay. Now we have a working process, which is great! We could even use it to translate last years Squeakfest presentations and put it on youtube. We have no news about Squeakfest, I'll send an email as soon as I know anything new. There are other events in Uruguay in May: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Uruguay_Summit_2011

Steve has great ideas about online courses for kids using teleplace, and Gary told us about another system he used for this kind of thing.

Rita Freudenberg 3/31/11 6:51 PM
OER glue is promising
it is course based

3/31/11 6:55 PM
Rita Freudenberg added Beth Santos to this conversation

Rita Freudenberg 3/31/11 7:01 PM
to use it people need a plugin and enable it http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Uruguay_Summit_2011

Gary Lebowitz 3/31/11 7:06 PM

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:09 PM
Gary's work makes great sense
The ability to have Etoys video's translated to Spanish is great
I did the videos using QuickTime Player on Mac 10.6 which has a record screen cast option, then edit in iMovie

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:11 PM
You need to "Export using QuickTime" and set certain values (like aspect ration 16:9) for YouTube publishing
You need to be careful of clipping and keep any important stuff off the top and bottom 1/12th? of the screen as it can get clipped
But the clipping is when it goes 4:3 <--> 16:9

Rita Freudenberg 3/31/11 7:12 PM

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:18 PM
Beth, can we setup a time to chat about Haiti and the curricullum et al?

Rita Freudenberg 3/31/11 7:18 PM
ask sridhar for the final useit report
record workshops at squeakfest

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:21 PM
It would be great to get Bert's workshop on YouTube
Gary can you "cut it up" into 10 minute chunks?
I believe YouTube has a 10 minute time limit for uploads

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:24 PM http://scratched.media.mit.edu/resources/computational-thinking-concepts-march-2011-webinar

Yes, Bill would be a good person to do it as well

So YouTube has a similar capability

Rita Freudenberg 3/31/11 7:28 PM
multiple channels are possible, for different languages

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:29 PM
I vote for Berts

Gary Lebowitz 3/31/11 7:29 PM
no problem
will do

Rita Freudenberg 3/31/11 7:30 PM
I could cut out bert's part form the videos

Gary Lebowitz 3/31/11 7:30 PM
we can do that too

yes, that is probably a better use of my time/expertise, etc.


stevesargon 3/31/11 7:30 PM
define persistent meetings, please

Rita Freudenberg 3/31/11 7:32 PM
online course in teleplace

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:33 PM
The key missing is to have a seperate space (where groups of kids can interact)  and I can "move" through and "see" what they are doing (including playback for later review and analysis).

Rita Freudenberg 3/31/11 7:33 PM
you would need to have more rooms

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:34 PM
Gary: this sounds VERY Cool, what was the technology for sharing?

Gary Lebowitz 3/31/11 7:34 PM

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:34 PM
I need to go in about 5 minutes

Rita Freudenberg 3/31/11 7:35 PM
I'm calling you

Gary Lebowitz 3/31/11 7:35 PM

stevesargon 3/31/11 7:36 PM
Can you share the technology you used and links?
That would be great

Gary Lebowitz 3/31/11 7:36 PM
i can reset up the world probably and give you a username/passwod

education meeting, March 17

In our meeting today we discussed Squeakfest, had a report from Avigail about the Conference on Cyberlearning Tools for STEM Education, where she gave an Etoys talk and made plans to invite UseIT - educators for one of our next meetings. 

[17.03.11 18:45:28] Rita Freudenberg hat Gary Lebowitz zu diesem Chat hinzugefügt
[17.03.11 18:46:26] Rita Freudenberg: we wait for information from Mariana for details for the Squeakfest website
[17.03.11 18:47:24] Rita Freudenberg: http://squeakland.org/squeakfest/about/
[17.03.11 18:51:31] Rita Freudenberg: Rita will ask Mariana again for information for the website
[17.03.11 18:53:47] Rita Freudenberg: Avigail was at the conference with 270 attendees
[17.03.11 18:55:29] Rita Freudenberg: "agents sheets" are doing good, get funding
[17.03.11 18:56:02] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.agentsheets.com/
[17.03.11 18:56:19] Rita Freudenberg: Conference on Cyberlearning Tools for STEM Education
[17.03.11 18:56:41] Rita Freudenberg: http://cyberlearningstem.org/
[17.03.11 19:08:34] Rita Freudenberg: example with using smart phones in the classroom
[17.03.11 19:09:54] Rita Freudenberg: Elliot Soloway
[17.03.11 19:14:45] Rita Freudenberg: EtoysIllinois will do an Etoys summer school again this year.
[17.03.11 19:16:03] Randall Caton: Do we have a deadline for getting talks to Gary for translation?
[17.03.11 19:17:26] Cathie Galas: Take care everyone!  Thanks!  Next week 10:30am PST.
[17.03.11 19:17:30] Rita Freudenberg: Gary will not be connected from March 22 to April 6
[17.03.11 19:19:18] Rita Freudenberg: Randy is asking if the perimater and area units would work for Sqeuakfest Uruguay
[17.03.11 19:20:12] Rita Freudenberg: Rita will ask Mariana if Randys projects or K5passport projects would work.
[17.03.11 19:20:31] Randall Caton: How to use Etoys to teach perimeter and area to 8-10 year olds.
[17.03.11 19:21:56] Cathie Galas: I have to run to a meeting- but YES Randy-I think this is the age group of teachers that will be there and these would be most appropriate!
[17.03.11 19:22:56] Rita Freudenberg: I'll ask if the Etoys and Squeak back together would be an option
[17.03.11 19:24:57] Rita Freudenberg: or the general plugin for different kinds of sensors
[17.03.11 19:28:54] Rita Freudenberg: Avigails suggests to talk to the useit group again
[17.03.11 19:29:14] Rita Freudenberg: what did we / they learn in their project?
[17.03.11 19:29:55] Rita Freudenberg: http://wiki.squeakland.org/display/sq/Fundraising
[17.03.11 19:32:34] Rita Freudenberg: invite sridhar to one of our next meetings
[17.03.11 19:33:46] Rita Freudenberg: and the other teachers and educators from Squeakfest 2010
[17.03.11 19:38:21] Rita Freudenberg: Rita will ask Marta about the meeting with Ms. Serafini

education team meeting February, 17th

We had a great meeting today with Beth, Randy, Cathie, Avigail, Gary, Steve, Cherry and me (Rita). We started making plans for Squeakfest presentations, where Gary in our last meeting suggested an idea for translations. The due date for speakers to prepare the slides and record the talks is March15. Then we discussed ideas for Etoys long distance teaching, where several "projects" will start: doing 1-to-1 Etoys courses with Gary, Beth is interested to use it for teaching haitian americans who go to Haiti this summer, Steve suggested kids being the mentors.

Randy pointed out that the deadline to applying as mentoring organisation for GSoC is February, 28 - March 11th. Next week we will make the final decision if Squeakland will apply as a mentoring organisation. Rico, our wonderful GSoC-student from last year, wants to become a mentor this year!

Find more details about everything in the chat log. 

[17.02.11 20:04:47] Rita Freudenberg: hi
[17.02.11 20:05:00] Randall Caton: hi
[17.02.11 20:05:03] stevesargon: hi
[17.02.11 20:05:26] Beth Santos: hi everyone
[17.02.11 20:09:00] Rita Freudenberg: for Squeakfest presentations
[17.02.11 20:09:08] Rita Freudenberg: use Powerpoint with a sound object for each slide
[17.02.11 20:09:13] Rita Freudenberg: send to Gary
[17.02.11 20:09:37] stevesargon: Can you send the link
[17.02.11 20:11:26] Rita Freudenberg: Gary pute together a semi-finished form with camtasia
[17.02.11 20:12:33] Rita Freudenberg: then the translator translates it and sends the translated text to Gary, who puts it into camtasia
[17.02.11 20:13:11] Rita Freudenberg: if someone uses video, special format is needed like flv or wmv
[17.02.11 20:13:14] Gary Lebowitz: sdls.unog.ch
[17.02.11 20:14:40] Rita Freudenberg: if we want to include etoys presentations into camtasia, it needs to be captured
[17.02.11 20:14:54] stevesargon: So the main thing is to capture in FLV format?
[17.02.11 20:15:00] Gary Lebowitz: or WMV
[17.02.11 20:16:11] Rita Freudenberg: we will test what happens when we use Etoys for presentations
[17.02.11 20:16:11] stevesargon: So we simply need to record our talk as a "screencast" (using Jing, QuickTime, etc)
[17.02.11 20:16:25] stevesargon: Then we send the .FLV, .MOV to you
[17.02.11 20:16:43] stevesargon: Gary: So you basically need to be able to edit in Camtasia?
[17.02.11 20:16:58] Gary Lebowitz: yes
[17.02.11 20:17:35] Gary Lebowitz: what happens is that i add the animated screen capture to the timeline
[17.02.11 20:17:46] stevesargon: Okay to make things simple for folks ... IF YOU HAVE A MAC (PC advice to follow)
[17.02.11 20:18:30] Rita Freudenberg hat Cherry Withers zu diesem Chat hinzugefügt
[17.02.11 20:19:09] Rita Freudenberg: hi cherry
[17.02.11 20:19:09] Gary Lebowitz: and then repackage the whole thing and render in .swf at the end
[17.02.11 20:19:10] stevesargon: On Mac: Open QuickTime (if you have 10.6) and "record your talk" by clicking on "Record from Screen (I think, don't have my Mac handy" then give the talk the Microphone will record what you say and Quicktime also captures all that goes on the screen
[17.02.11 20:19:25] C Galas: hi cherry
[17.02.11 20:19:26] stevesargon: When/Where is Squeakfest? Uraguay?
[17.02.11 20:19:38] C Galas: uruguay may 21-22
[17.02.11 20:19:39] Cherry Withers: hello
[17.02.11 20:19:52] Gary Lebowitz: i am almost sure quicktime works on the timeline. could you give me a short test sequence, steve?
[17.02.11 20:19:52] stevesargon: On PC download a trial version of Camtasia and record it (could work on Mac as well)
[17.02.11 20:20:13] Gary Lebowitz: i have Camtasia with the key
[17.02.11 20:20:46] Gary Lebowitz: it works better on a PC, since the output format is a problem with Mac. (hard to get it to do .SWF)
[17.02.11 20:20:55] Rita Freudenberg: Avigail asks about the content of the presentations
[17.02.11 20:21:20] stevesargon: Gary: The Squeakfest 2010 talks are at:
[17.02.11 20:21:22] stevesargon: ftp: gosargon.com
user: u36788066-etoysEd
password: etoysRocks
[17.02.11 20:21:33] Gary Lebowitz: thanks
[17.02.11 20:21:47] stevesargon: ftp to gosargon.com and use the user and password I just sent and you can FTP the files to your machine, send me an email if you have any issues
[17.02.11 20:21:54] Randall Caton: Will there also be workshops? If so all the Squeakland people there could give a workshop on Etoys.
[17.02.11 20:22:00] Gary Lebowitz: thanks, randy
[17.02.11 20:22:06] Gary Lebowitz: will do
[17.02.11 20:23:05] stevesargon: As much as I would love to go to Uraguay, I can not make the trip :(
[17.02.11 20:23:45] C Galas: ~10 presentations, workshops additional
[17.02.11 20:24:32] C Galas: Steve-- we need to have you do a presentation via Gary?  and then you could be available for Q&A?
[17.02.11 20:24:44] Rita Freudenberg: Carlos will hopefully help us with translation
[17.02.11 20:25:50] C Galas: Steve habla y entiende espanol?
[17.02.11 20:26:04] stevesargon: Si un pocitito
[17.02.11 20:26:17] Rita Freudenberg: we need to discuss with Mariana if we will have an in-room-translator
[17.02.11 20:26:20] C Galas: si-muy bueno-
[17.02.11 20:28:37] Rita Freudenberg: we need to have our presentation done in the first week of April
[17.02.11 20:29:18] C Galas: let's decide on a due date for speakers call--March15?
[17.02.11 20:29:49] Rita Freudenberg: agreed
[17.02.11 20:30:39] C Galas: yes
[17.02.11 20:32:17] C Galas: I have to go now-sorry!  Take care everyone! It sounds like we will put out a call to speakers for March 15 and then add content--classroom, developers, and workshops
[17.02.11 20:32:21] C Galas: Bye all!
[17.02.11 20:32:30] Rita Freudenberg: bye cathie, thanks!
[17.02.11 20:32:34] C Galas: thx
[17.02.11 20:32:37] Beth Santos: bye cathie!
[17.02.11 20:33:16] Rita Freudenberg: start sending Gary parts of presentations thta he can begin the preocess
[17.02.11 20:33:50] Gary Lebowitz: with quicktime videos, etc. PowerPoint sound objects, the works!
[17.02.11 20:37:16] stevesargon: Send the reference manual as is, it will NEVER be finished
[17.02.11 20:37:51] stevesargon: The other idea is to put the reference manual in a Wiki and have a translated version on the Wiki
[17.02.11 20:39:04] stevesargon: Have them translate some of the Illinois curricullum
[17.02.11 20:39:09] stevesargon: Then they would look at it
[17.02.11 20:43:41] Rita Freudenberg: the Nepal project will probably being done mostly long-distance
[17.02.11 20:46:22] Rita Freudenberg: how to approach etoys in this setting
[17.02.11 20:47:24] Rita Freudenberg: Avigail suggests several 1to1 settings, because everyone might have different styles
[17.02.11 20:51:25] stevesargon: Ask the folks in Uraguay if they have some kids/teacher/class who would be interested in a Remote teaching of Etoys, then use some of the Etoys Illinois stuff to teach some classes
[17.02.11 20:51:52] Rita Freudenberg: good idea, Steve
[17.02.11 20:52:28] stevesargon: My son does distance learning for a "Physical Science" course
[17.02.11 20:53:16] Gary Lebowitz: can everyone hear ok?
[17.02.11 20:53:22] Gary Lebowitz: i have trouble hearing steve
[17.02.11 20:53:31] Rita Freudenberg: it's hard, yes
[17.02.11 20:53:34] Gary Lebowitz: ok
[17.02.11 20:53:36] Randall Caton: not too good
[17.02.11 20:53:39] Avigail Snir: I can hardly hear you
[17.02.11 20:53:41] Gary Lebowitz: better now
[17.02.11 20:53:46] Cherry Withers: I can't hear him
[17.02.11 20:53:52] Rita Freudenberg: Steve's son has additional material
[17.02.11 20:56:00] Rita Freudenberg: Randy reports from NASA, they did send outlines and material requests before the workshop
[17.02.11 20:56:17] Rita Freudenberg: and it did work well for an hour
[17.02.11 20:56:37] Beth Santos: I need to head out everyone-- I have another call that I need to initiate in just a couple minutes
[17.02.11 20:56:45] Beth Santos: Talk to you next week! thanks!
[17.02.11 20:56:50] stevesargon: Beth could we try distance learning in Haiti?
[17.02.11 20:56:57] Beth Santos: yes we definitely could
[17.02.11 20:57:11] Beth Santos: actually we're looking into the possibility of using haitian americans to help train mentors there
[17.02.11 20:57:18] Beth Santos: but just brainstorming at this point
[17.02.11 20:57:20] stevesargon: Would be interesting and help us improve the materials if we could interact.
[17.02.11 20:57:25] Beth Santos: yes
[17.02.11 20:57:26] stevesargon: Ah, the language issue, good point
[17.02.11 20:57:30] Avigail Snir: Bye Beth, sorry we have not heard about your trip
[17.02.11 20:57:52] Cherry Withers: Looking forward to hearing it!
[17.02.11 20:58:46] Cherry Withers: Are you working with Caroline Meeks?
[17.02.11 20:58:53] Cherry Withers: bye bye
[17.02.11 20:59:00] Beth Santos: yes i am!
[17.02.11 20:59:14] Cherry Withers: yes that's what I was thinking of
[17.02.11 20:59:33] Cherry Withers: It's spotty
[17.02.11 20:59:36] Cherry Withers: sorry
[17.02.11 20:59:37] Gary Lebowitz: avigail, how about wednesday sometime to test the method and start teaching me Etoys? you can pick the time
[17.02.11 21:00:35] Avigail Snir: Wed my morning, until noon will work
[17.02.11 21:00:49] stevesargon: One idea for Gary and distance learning is to have the kids pick and area of Etoys (Halo, Basic Tiles, Polygons, ...) and have them learn about it, become experts and then present what they learned to others
[17.02.11 21:01:13] Gary Lebowitz: fine. yes, that is a very good idea. mini-mentors
[17.02.11 21:01:46] Gary Lebowitz: ok, avigail. just give me a start time and i will send you the Webex Meet Beta link. anyone up to 2 other people can join in if they just send me their email address.
[17.02.11 21:02:56] Avigail Snir: 10 AM my time, (central)
[17.02.11 21:03:17] Gary Lebowitz: that's fine. 5 p.m. mine
[17.02.11 21:03:24] Gary Lebowitz: it's a date!
[17.02.11 21:03:25] Gary Lebowitz: :-)
[17.02.11 21:03:44] stevesargon: Darn
[17.02.11 21:03:50] Cherry Withers: :-(
[17.02.11 21:04:08] Rita Freudenberg: Rico this year wants to be a mentor :)
[17.02.11 21:06:44] Rita Freudenberg: application period to becoming a mentoring organisation is from February, 28 to March 11th
[17.02.11 21:08:37] stevesargon: Gotta run, thanks
[17.02.11 21:08:40] stevesargon: Ciao
[17.02.11 21:08:45] Rita Freudenberg: bye Steve
[17.02.11 21:09:39] Gary Lebowitz: avigail, please send me your email address so i can send you the Webex Meet Beta link. same holds for up to 2 others interested in participating in the endeavor
[17.02.11 21:09:43] Cherry Withers: Do we have to have the expertise in Squeak to mentor? Because I have several ideas...mainly because I'm playing around with UseIT and GIRA versions...would be nice to integrate more sensors to GIRA Etoys.
[17.02.11 21:10:04] Rita Freudenberg: Cherry, I think we will
[17.02.11 21:11:18] Avigail Snir: Gary, my email: avigail@snir.org
[17.02.11 21:11:43] Gary Lebowitz: thanks. i'll send you the invitation asap
[17.02.11 21:11:58] Rita Freudenberg: put Rico in contact
[17.02.11 21:12:08] Rita Freudenberg: with Bert for the back to Squeak idea
[17.02.11 21:12:35] Cherry Withers: I meant within Squeakland if we become a mentor organization
[17.02.11 21:12:57] Cherry Withers: do we have to know the guts of Squeak/Smalltalk within us or do we have to rely on squeak.org then?
[17.02.11 21:14:08] Cherry Withers: The version on that seems old
[17.02.11 21:14:35] Cherry Withers: ah...I may have an old one then
[17.02.11 21:15:11] Cherry Withers: where?
[17.02.11 21:15:22] Rita Freudenberg: ask about the next etoys version and if Ricos work can get included
[17.02.11 21:16:40] Randall Caton: Cherry - we have the Etoys developer team, but I they didn't have to help Richo so maybe it would be hard if we didn't have a student like Richo. You make a good point.
[17.02.11 21:17:13] Cherry Withers: I thought Bert is the Etoys developer team?
[17.02.11 21:17:15] Cherry Withers: :-)
[17.02.11 21:17:19] Rita Freudenberg: right :)
[17.02.11 21:17:42] Randall Caton: I believe you are right. But others do attend the chats.
[17.02.11 21:18:33] Cherry Withers: I will be in Scale9x on the 26th
[17.02.11 21:20:06] Cherry Withers: Will be showing UseIT version and GIRA robot that I programmed...should I still use the old handout about Etoys?
[17.02.11 21:20:31] Cherry Withers: the one with the rocket project
[17.02.11 21:21:04] Cherry Withers: thank you
[17.02.11 21:21:48] Cherry Withers: Would there be something out there that says: Etoys can also hook up with sensors or mindstorm...etc...show its versatility?
[17.02.11 21:22:13] Cherry Withers: ooops...squeak etoys I meant
[17.02.11 21:22:13] Avigail Snir: Bye
[17.02.11 21:22:34] Gary Lebowitz: bye
[17.02.11 21:22:54] Cherry Withers: that would be great
[17.02.11 21:23:03] Cherry Withers: yes
[17.02.11 21:23:14] Gary Lebowitz: http://sdls.unog.ch/RAKESH_GUPTA_14_OCTOBER_2010_2PM.swf is an example of me reading the presentation of a person who couldn't be there; includes videos, too.
[17.02.11 21:23:38] Cherry Withers: that's what I used: Physical Etoys (GIRA)
[17.02.11 21:24:24] Cherry Withers: even with a sensor adapter for Vernier...it doesn't work with GIRA
[17.02.11 21:24:31] Cherry Withers: yes
[17.02.11 21:25:47] Cherry Withers: I'll make up my own handout.
[17.02.11 21:25:57] Cherry Withers: just thought there may be somethign out there
[17.02.11 21:25:58] Cherry Withers: ok.
[17.02.11 21:26:02] Cherry Withers: take care everyone!
[17.02.11 21:26:08] Randall Caton:  bye
[17.02.11 21:26:13] Cherry Withers: bye bye
[17.02.11 21:28:49] Gary Lebowitz: bye all

education team meeting, February 3rd

Avigail, Cathie, Gary, Randy, David, Carlos, Rita

We started with Gary reporting about a big project in South America "mercosur digital", maybe Squeakland can connect somehow. The we discussed Squeakfest Uruguay, where Gary gave us a great idea on how to deal with the language problems. Mainly, it means pre-recorded talks with subtitles. More details are in the chat protocol below. We are now in the position to start preparing actual talks and workshops for the event! Let's hope we will find some funding somewhere, too, to help us get there. 

[03.02.11 19:06:53] Rita Freudenberg: hi
[03.02.11 19:07:14] Rita Freudenberg: gary reports from a project in south american countries
[03.02.11 19:09:28] C Galas: Link up of infrastructure to stabilize the levels of computer technology in South American countries
a. One of the components may be Etoys
[03.02.11 19:11:02] C Galas: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay included now
[03.02.11 19:12:06] C Galas: Mary Gomez is an architect, works in educational computing, and UCBN
[03.02.11 19:12:57] C Galas: Mercousur Digital?
[03.02.11 19:13:09] Rita Freudenberg: Mary Gomez works for plan ceibal and in distance teaching
[03.02.11 19:13:36] Rita Freudenberg: looking for a group of institutions
[03.02.11 19:13:42] C Galas: I thought Carlos said she didn't work for plan ciebal--there is a different name of the plan ciebal distance teacher??
[03.02.11 19:14:21] Rita Freudenberg: maybe I mixed Mary and the person Gary is taling about
[03.02.11 19:14:55] C Galas: Train for Trade--distance training from UN
[03.02.11 19:15:04] C Galas: ecommerce
[03.02.11 19:16:25] C Galas: supply computer equipment, network components, distance training using the equipment for ecommerce
[03.02.11 19:27:37] Rita Freudenberg: Avigail asks about funding possibilities for Squeakland
[03.02.11 19:28:04] Rita Freudenberg: Cathie explains the SFC status
[03.02.11 19:30:08] Rita Freudenberg: Cathie suggests to start looking for places to get funding
[03.02.11 19:32:00] Rita Freudenberg: Randy asks if talks in english will be translated at Squeakfest
[03.02.11 19:32:57] Rita Freudenberg: Carlos offered that we send the presentations beforehand to him and he will translate it
[03.02.11 19:36:52] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.squeakland.org/resources/audioVisual/
[03.02.11 19:37:20] Rita Freudenberg: scroll down to wed.3 - Uruguay - Fabiana Marella
[03.02.11 19:39:07] Rita Freudenberg: Gary suggests to do a pre-recorded "power point show" with subtitles
[03.02.11 19:39:33] Gary Lebowitz: everyone please go to this address sdls.unog.ch and wait a moment
[03.02.11 19:41:27] C Galas: SKURATOV
[03.02.11 19:42:59] C Galas: Face to Face Plus-real meeting with people, but in certain people we prerecord the powerpoint, and then in the bottom, Carlos, or whoever will do the translation, the translator summarizes the powerpoint text, and then you stop.  Then you say questions and answers.
[03.02.11 19:45:44] C Galas: F2F+
[03.02.11 19:47:34] Rita Freudenberg: Q&A could be done by typing instead of speaking
[03.02.11 19:48:29] Rita Freudenberg: a student could sit in the room, getting the questions from the audience and typing them, to avoid miscommunicaitons
[03.02.11 19:50:24] Rita Freudenberg: the typist translates the questions
[03.02.11 19:51:32] C Galas: f. Q&A  questions could be taken down and written instead of spoken in Spanish, and then  the typist is multilingual or bilingual who knows the language, they translate the question into the language of the presenter in real time, then the answer is typed back by the presented, and it is again translated by the typist, providing the answer in the language of the group.
[03.02.11 19:54:42] Rita Freudenberg: copa
[03.02.11 19:54:52] C Galas: Copa Airlines
[03.02.11 19:55:02] David Corking: http://www.copaair.com/
[03.02.11 19:56:53] C Galas: They go out of LA and Miami, and JFK NY, Orlando
[03.02.11 19:59:33] Gary Lebowitz: if i can find out where the presenters are physically located where we might need to to pre-recordings that would be helpful. any in europe?
[03.02.11 19:59:57] C Galas: Rita is in Europe, but she is going to try to go
[03.02.11 20:00:09] Gary Lebowitz: besides rita?
[03.02.11 20:00:14] C Galas: I don't know of others in Europe
[03.02.11 20:00:28] Gary Lebowitz: ok, any in the U.S. where we need to do this?
[03.02.11 20:00:40] C Galas: in the US we have near San Francisco perhaps, in Illinois
[03.02.11 20:00:48] Gary Lebowitz: i will be in the middle of the country soon. when exactly is squeakfest, uruguay
[03.02.11 20:00:49] Gary Lebowitz: ?
[03.02.11 20:01:03] C Galas: May 19-21
[03.02.11 20:01:09] Gary Lebowitz: illinois i could perhaps actually visit and get a studio-quality production
[03.02.11 20:01:20] Gary Lebowitz: i will be there in april at the latest
[03.02.11 20:02:10] Gary Lebowitz: if there is funding available i could do a round-robin and capture all english speakers, getting the result ready for the translator to listen to and translate, then do the post-production work of getting the translation inserted as a caption underneath
[03.02.11 20:02:10] C Galas: that would be great-- Kathleen Harness is there, she works with Avigail and I don't know if she's planning on going, but it would be great to have her presentation if not
[03.02.11 20:02:22] Gary Lebowitz: all i need is funding for the trips. ill do the work free of charge
[03.02.11 20:02:49] Gary Lebowitz: i mean the round-robin to get to the people, using St. Louis as the central hub
[03.02.11 20:03:08] Gary Lebowitz: i can bring pre-amplified quality microphone, etc.
[03.02.11 20:03:22] Gary Lebowitz: and Camtasia is on my computer
[03.02.11 20:03:36] Gary Lebowitz: that i can bring for the actual capturing of the presentation.
[03.02.11 20:04:02] C Galas: Maybe the people that need you could come to you
[03.02.11 20:04:06] Gary Lebowitz: it's possible to let people loose themselves, but the quality is no good
[03.02.11 20:04:16] Gary Lebowitz: fine
[03.02.11 20:04:22] Gary Lebowitz: no problem with that idea
[03.02.11 20:04:28] C Galas: We have no funding at all at this time
[03.02.11 20:04:42] Gary Lebowitz: could turn my mom's kitchen into a recording studio ;-)
[03.02.11 20:04:46] C Galas: but keep bringing up the possibilities--that's great!!
[03.02.11 20:04:57] C Galas: thanks for your energy and time!
[03.02.11 20:05:18] Avigail Snir: We have a place and technology for recording etc
[03.02.11 20:05:19] Gary Lebowitz: again, we can also have the people do what skuratov did. the result isn't always acceptable, but in his case it worked
[03.02.11 20:05:25] Gary Lebowitz: really?
[03.02.11 20:05:44] Gary Lebowitz: if so, we could invite the people to your neck of the woods and i could come up perhaps
[03.02.11 20:05:53] Gary Lebowitz: not far from St. Louis
[03.02.11 20:05:53] C Galas: great avigail!
[03.02.11 20:06:20] Gary Lebowitz: no problem inserting the spanish or other language in caption area post-production
[03.02.11 20:07:02] Avigail Snir: You are very welcome! and can stay my place if you wish
[03.02.11 20:07:02] Gary Lebowitz: the important thing is to have high-quality audio. if you listen to some of the recordings in the long list you'll see that is not always the case. especially mueller towards the end. yuck
[03.02.11 20:07:10] Gary Lebowitz: many thanks, avigail
[03.02.11 20:07:21] Gary Lebowitz: i may take you up on that: so be careful!! :-)
[03.02.11 20:08:07] Avigail Snir: I ment it
[03.02.11 20:08:20] C Galas: Great!
[03.02.11 20:11:43] Avigail Snir: I am not sure what workshop they expect. In Brazil we prepared stuff for people who already had some experience, but it turned out that most of the crowd was new to Etoys. It turned out well because the spirit of participant was so high
[03.02.11 20:11:55] Avigail Snir: bye

education meeting, January 20

We had a great discussion today about different teaching approaches. Beth is going to Haiti next week, she will give feedback from the classroom about how the lessons provided by Randy, Steve and others are being used in the classroom, what should be changed etc. Beth can take microscopes, maybe in February, so we can go to find the money for it. Carlos reported showcase problems, we will put it on the tracker.

Last week we had a smaller meeting where I announced a german book about Squeak and Etoys. The author is looking for someone to make an english translation, which will be published on the web for free. Gary offered to give it a try. Avigail reminded me that we want to have a search-function on the showcase. I'll ask Mariana about the planning state of Squeakfest Uruguay. The date will be May, 19 - 21. 


and here comes the chat log:

hi everyone

[20.01.11 19:06:55] Randall Caton: Hi

[20.01.11 19:06:57] Gary Lebowitz: hi

[20.01.11 19:06:53] stevesargon: Hi

[20.01.11 19:07:11] Avigail Snir: hi

[20.01.11 19:07:01] Cherry Withers: hello everyone!

[20.01.11 19:09:42] stevesargon: If you push a kid, have high expectations and practice 10,000 hours you will do well

[20.01.11 19:09:55] stevesargon: Will the kid be happy and adjusted, well . . .

[20.01.11 19:11:09] Cherry Withers: BTW, I will be doing an 1 1/2 workshop for 4 south african teachers and 4 students. What should I cover for that little amount of time and with not speaking the language?

[20.01.11 19:11:45] stevesargon: Define a "Constructionist" approach

[20.01.11 19:12:15] stevesargon: SHould kids have to re-create everything themselves?

[20.01.11 19:12:31] stevesargon: If so they will make the same mistakes others have made through  history

[20.01.11 19:12:34] Rita Freudenberg: that's a good question

[20.01.11 19:12:58] stevesargon: I would say the answer is no (having gone down the kids need to discover everything themselves path)

[20.01.11 19:13:12] Rita Freudenberg hat Carlos Rabassa zu diesem Chat hinzugefügt

[20.01.11 19:13:33] stevesargon: Part of it, I think, is exposign them to "good literature" and "great ideas"

[20.01.11 19:13:43] stevesargon: Avigail, yes, the culture has a major impact

[20.01.11 19:13:56] stevesargon: SOrry, I am waiting to get my bloodwork done and can't talk

[20.01.11 19:14:20] stevesargon: Literature as in "great Programs" or "code pearls"

[20.01.11 19:15:21] Cherry Withers: Yep, the attitude now is if you can't tell me everything in "5 mins. or 140 characters...you lost me."

[20.01.11 19:15:49] Rita Freudenberg: http://computinged.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/my-students-know-far-less-than-i-ever-expected/

[20.01.11 19:16:29] stevesargon: "Habits of Mind" good point.  What are the "Habits of Mind" we want our kids to develop?  I have been thinking about this alot and am curious as to your opinions

[20.01.11 19:21:29] stevesargon: innumeracy

[20.01.11 19:21:44] stevesargon: Not numerically literate

[20.01.11 19:22:35] stevesargon: Why do kids "not get it"?

[20.01.11 19:22:57] stevesargon: I think part of the problem is: bad metaphors

[20.01.11 19:23:04] stevesargon: focus on calculation instead of concepts

[20.01.11 19:23:20] stevesargon: Especially starting at the youngest ages

[20.01.11 19:26:35] Rita Freudenberg hat Beth Santos zu diesem Chat hinzugefügt

[20.01.11 19:26:38] Rita Freudenberg: hi beth

[20.01.11 19:27:43] Beth Santos: hi everyone, good to see you all again :)

[20.01.11 19:27:57] Rita Freudenberg: where are you right now?

[20.01.11 19:28:22] Beth Santos: right now i'm home in north carolina, prepping to start my travels to haiti on tuesday

[20.01.11 19:29:51] stevesargon: they could model it with a light and some balls

[20.01.11 19:30:35] stevesargon: yes Gary's idea of a webex type approach is good

[20.01.11 19:31:40] Gary Lebowitz: or there might be hubs of a few chidren + teacher at each hub linked with webex or similar system to interconnect them. of course this would require prob

[20.01.11 19:31:44] Gary Lebowitz: proper moderation

[20.01.11 19:32:02] Gary Lebowitz: that encourages rather than discourages interaction

[20.01.11 19:33:05] Cherry Withers: I like simulations that they can play with and change variables...like Bert's fish simulation. What happens when most of the fish are female? there was a case were male frogs changes sex because of hormone content in water. Or why would we need to clear some forest growth with Yoshiki's forest fire simulation.

[20.01.11 19:42:48] stevesargon: So the outline is partly to help the teacher remember the steps and ensure the kids are on track

[20.01.11 19:43:00] Beth Santos: exactly

[20.01.11 19:46:03] stevesargon: SO part of what I am thinking is that we can get the kids supplies where they can build their own Solar Stills which can make lets say 2 gallons a day.

[20.01.11 19:46:55] stevesargon: The idea was to introduce the kids into the concept of there are things you can't see

[20.01.11 19:47:06] stevesargon: And the water lessons would be a good idea

[20.01.11 19:48:16] Cherry Withers: Ask Mike Lee

[20.01.11 19:48:47] Cherry Withers: but they adapted the driver with Sugar

[20.01.11 20:04:27] Cherry Withers: What Berkeley conference?

[20.01.11 20:05:00] Rita Freudenberg hat David Corking zu diesem Chat hinzugefügt

[20.01.11 20:05:04] Rita Freudenberg: hi david

[20.01.11 20:05:53] Cherry Withers: Hi David!

[20.01.11 20:07:50] Rita Freudenberg: http://etoysillinois.org/library.php?tags=CS4K5

[20.01.11 20:08:26] Rita Freudenberg: http://etoysillinois.org/resources.php?subpage=k5

[20.01.11 20:15:58] Cherry Withers: Good luck Rita!

[20.01.11 20:16:05] Gary Lebowitz: i will be leaving now. bye all. see you next week

[20.01.11 20:16:29] Avigail Snir: bye

[20.01.11 20:17:09] Carlos Rabassa: bye and thanks

[20.01.11 20:17:16] David Corking: Thank you all!

education team meeting December, 9th

This week, we tried GoToMeeting, thanks to Gary, who provided a trial access to the system. It worked very well, we had the audio chat as we used to have via Skype, and in addition we could share our screens. There is also a text chat within the system, and I just realised that I failed to copy the contents of it ... 

But most of the time, we used the screen sharing to explain Etoys features and didn't type much text, I think. Gary recorded the audio chat. We'll have to find out how this worked.

The main points of our discussion  have been about how to start Etoys and how to use a computer program to teach english language. Kathleen's K5 passport and the EtoysIllinois materials will be a good starting point. The project in Nepal will be a very interesting one! Hopefully, the funding for Gary is coming and it can start soon next year.

education team meeting Thursday, December 2nd

In this meeting, Randy and I tried screen sharing with Skype, but it didn't work. It would work with additional software, but only between two persons. So this is not an option for our Etoys online teaching course. Next time we try GoToMeeting. We talked about the course outlines from Randy for the Waveplace Haiti pilot. Feedback from haitian teachers would be very much appreciated! Mariana wants to translate the Etoys reference manual. It would be good to have another book sprint in December, probably in the last week before christmas. 

[02.12.10 19:41:26] Rita Freudenberg: Beth wants to have drafts for lessons by december 14

[02.12.10 19:43:00] Rita Freudenberg: find a way to get feedback from teachers in haiti who are aleady using the other lessons

[02.12.10 19:49:21] Rita Freudenberg: contact to haitian teachers or persons is needed for creating the lessons

[02.12.10 19:53:18] Rita Freudenberg: here are some outlines and notes https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1llOk5FPh1HyROXGQ7645GtCOLUhqgobv0Bpzra1zzRc&pli=1

[02.12.10 19:55:05] Rita Freudenberg: focus on units that are useful for the kids

[02.12.10 20:02:30] Rita Freudenberg: put some money together to buy a microscope for steve's lessons

[02.12.10 20:03:26] Rita Freudenberg: kathleen did use a microscope with a computer, aks her

[02.12.10 20:06:31] Rita Freudenberg: avigail did also send a lessons about bacteria

have another book sprint in december, Mariana wants to translate the manual for Squeakfest

education team meeting, November 18th

We had a great meeting today. We discussed Gary's plans for Nepal, where 3 schools will be involved, one in Kathmandu, two in more remote areas. Connectivity is a problem there, available solutions rather expensive. Carlos told us about modems which connect directly via satellite, this is used in Uruguay in some places. The context is long-distance teaching and learning, and while Marta talked about how connectivity problems are handled in Brazil, the idea came up to not be connected during the whole teaching session, but to give a task, then disconnect. Then the lessons could be designed differently.

There are efforts to develop Etoys lessons about health care, Randy, Cherry and Beth are involved. If anyone is interested, there is a lot to be done, and it is an important topic for Haiti right now.

We shortly talked about the manual. There is a document that visualizes the current state of each chapter, green means "done", red means "needs to be done" and yellow and orange are the states in between. Here is the link:


Then we discussed if and how we want to support the introduction of programming using Etoys. We are interested in this topic, for different reasons, but we agree that this is not the focus of Etoys and Squeakland. It is not about programming, but critical thinking. 

Then we discussed the plans for distance teaching again and came up with the idea to have a meeting sometime soon, where we teach Gary some Etoys using a conference system. Gary proposed a system called "webex", Rita will find out if Qwaq still would be an option. There will be a doodle to arrange a date for this. We will do long-distance teaching ourselves :) 

At the end Carlos told us how much he enjoys reading "Mindstorms" by Seymour Papert. He says, this is the only book teachers would need to learn how to teach using Etoys!




Here is the chatlog:

[18.11.10 19:02:52] Randall Caton: hi

[18.11.10 19:05:05] Cherry Withers: Found it! Hi everyone!

[18.11.10 19:09:36] Rita Freudenberg: 20 people in a school with DSL in Kathmandu

[18.11.10 19:10:05] Rita Freudenberg: in Kathmandu valley 2 other schools

[18.11.10 19:10:59] Rita Freudenberg: bgan

[18.11.10 19:11:23] Rita Freudenberg: 6-7$ per MByte

[18.11.10 19:14:09] Cherry Withers: Etoys projects are very small..that's a great idea

[18.11.10 19:15:06] Rita Freudenberg: Carlos reports about modems which go directly to the satellite

[18.11.10 19:16:06] Cherry Withers: Are these with XOs? If there's 3G, you can use one of the XOs to be a server

[18.11.10 19:20:25] Rita Freudenberg: health care projects for Haiti is not going very well, 3 units done

[18.11.10 19:21:25] Cherry Withers: I sent them the tutorial that I updated

[18.11.10 19:21:42] Cherry Withers: A couple of gals told me that they will use it to do a unit, but never heard back from them.

[18.11.10 19:24:56] Rita Freudenberg: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AhV8csZM0eBgdEh0c1h5Q1NQbS1tcGpWMmJlRHNpckE&hl=en#gid=0

[18.11.10 19:31:37] Cherry Withers: Yes absoloutely

[18.11.10 19:33:30] Rita Freudenberg: many teachers want to use Etoys to learn how to program

[18.11.10 19:33:34] Cherry Withers: I think they are already programming. When they are creating things and doing things independently to cause something to happen...they are programming.

[18.11.10 19:35:05] Cherry Withers: ah

[18.11.10 19:37:46] Cherry Withers: Have you seen Physical EToys first hand Rita?

[18.11.10 19:38:19] Cherry Withers: no I haven't

[18.11.10 19:39:02] Cherry Withers: but intersted in knowing if that's a good second step for my students. I am going to introduce sensors next using UseIT version.

[18.11.10 19:39:27] Cherry Withers: Accelometer?

[18.11.10 19:39:28] Cherry Withers: yes

[18.11.10 19:40:23] Rita Freudenberg: ask Bruno about field experience with classmates, training for teachers

[18.11.10 19:41:32] Cherry Withers: I had a student who went from Etoys to Java (because his dad is a Java programmer and was teaching his son)...his son told me that it's soooo boring and wouldn't want to do programming as a career. He said you can't see things right away.

[18.11.10 19:42:10] Cherry Withers: that would be great.

[18.11.10 19:46:35] Cherry Withers: yes...not programming, but just critical thinking.

[18.11.10 19:48:01] Cherry Withers: I agree with Marta. Conditional statements can be tied to programming and other concepts that's programming related, but ultimately it's visualization of a bigger idea.

[18.11.10 19:49:41] Randall Caton: I agree also and will not think to hard about Etoys as a step to programming. As my mother said "perish the thought".

[18.11.10 19:57:03] Cherry Withers: that would be fun! Screen sharing in Skype can be used

[18.11.10 19:58:25] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.teleplace.com/

[18.11.10 19:59:24] Gary Lebowitz: http://meet.webex.com

[18.11.10 20:00:57] Cherry Withers: sign me up

[18.11.10 20:02:32] Gary Lebowitz: neurosky

[18.11.10 20:02:54] Rita Freudenberg: organize a meeting to learn etoys in a collaborative system, like Qwaq

[18.11.10 20:04:39] Gary Lebowitz: www.neurosky.com

[18.11.10 20:05:34] Gary Lebowitz: kinect

[18.11.10 20:07:20] Marta Voelcker: I have to leave

[18.11.10 20:07:32] Rita Freudenberg: thank you for joining!

[18.11.10 20:07:32] Marta Voelcker: nice to hear and talk to you all

[18.11.10 20:07:44] Marta Voelcker: bye

[18.11.10 20:07:51] Gary Lebowitz: by

[18.11.10 20:07:54] Gary Lebowitz: bye

[18.11.10 20:08:10] Cherry Withers: thank you everyone! bye bye!

[18.11.10 20:08:31] Cherry Withers: I will look at the manual again when I get the chance. Been very busy lately. I apologize.

[18.11.10 20:12:52] Cherry Withers: Buying it now. Not in Kindle version. Will have to wait

[18.11.10 20:13:28] Cherry Withers: I gotta go everyone. Take care and thank you agian.

[18.11.10 20:13:31] Randall Caton: goodbye

[18.11.10 20:14:22] Gary Lebowitz: bye

[18.11.10 20:14:35] Gary Lebowitz: (wave)

education team meeting, November 11th

Today we met Gary Lebowitz, who has a long experience in long-distance-teaching about and using IT technologies. He told us about his plans on teaching Etoys in nepalese schools. His idea is to teach Etoys to learn English. This also avoids the problem of having the nepalese fonts loadable in the Etoys image. But of course it would be great if this would be possible! Later he wants to teach an introduction into programming, going from the tiles to Squeak Smalltalk. It was a very interesting talk, which also gave us a lot of ideas about education related funding sources. Find some links in the chat log below.

[11.11.10 19:04:46] Rita Freudenberg: hi everyone

[11.11.10 19:05:07] Beth Santos: hi everyone! sorry i can't talk today--lots of noise around here

[11.11.10 19:19:25] Beth Santos: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLE_Nepal_Etoys

[11.11.10 19:19:31] Beth Santos: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Epaath

[11.11.10 19:19:46] Rita Freudenberg: thanks Beth!

[11.11.10 19:27:56] Beth Santos: yeah there's an error message that says you need to install the fonts

[11.11.10 19:28:05] Rita Freudenberg: 1. find out how to load the nepali font into etoys

[11.11.10 19:30:22] stevesargon: What alphabet does Nepalese use?

[11.11.10 19:31:12] Beth Santos: the Devanāgarī alphabet?

[11.11.10 19:31:16] Beth Santos: http://www.omniglot.com/writing/nepali.htm

[11.11.10 19:39:51] Carlos Rabassa: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1SupEJMPd3dxWFS6bCMMu1Zb7N-fcwlNGLBCF1ei4Jpc

[11.11.10 19:39:54] Carlos Rabassa: E026 - Ceibal TV Classes - Index of videos

[11.11.10 19:39:56] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.squeakland.org/resources/audioVisual/movie.jsp?id=55

[11.11.10 19:41:16] Beth Santos: Waveplace has lots of videos too, not sure what you're exactly looking for-- http://www.youtube.com/waveplace

[11.11.10 19:47:21] Rita Freudenberg: conference next week in Nepal http://www.smfon.org.np/conference/index1.php

[11.11.10 19:47:37] Gary Lebowitz: http://www.ohchr.org

[11.11.10 19:56:13] Gary Lebowitz: http://www.dhrcnepal.org.np/

[11.11.10 20:01:07] Beth Santos: thanks gary and everyone!

[11.11.10 20:02:52] Gary Lebowitz: bye and see you soon!

[11.11.10 20:02:56] stevesargon: thanks folks

[11.11.10 20:03:19] Avigail Snir: BYE

[11.11.10 20:03:33] Rita Freudenberg: bye and thanks!

education team meeting, October 28

On our meeting today Cherry reported from the OLPC-SF summit. Rita asked about suggestions for her online presentation at International conference on ICT for Development and education, Nov 16-17. We got contacted by Gary Lebowitz, who is interested in long-distance training and validation of teaching approaches using Etoys. We will schedule a talk with him and the ed team.

We then discussed what infrastructure to use for organising the work of the education team. Some weeks ago, we already decided to use the tracker. But there are some concerns about the usability of jira for our tasks. We came to the solution to use jira for the to-do-list, and then have wiki pages related to issues, where we discuss and comment. At the end we continued the discussion about our plans to rewrite the "powerful ideas" book within Etoys. And we need to put more of our material on visible places on our website!

[28.10.10 18:37:18] Rita Freudenberg: Cherry attended the OLPC-SF summit

[28.10.10 18:42:18] Rita Freudenberg: Cherry will blog about it, Rita will put it on the squeakland website.

[28.10.10 18:53:08] stevesargon: Hi Im on the new one now

[28.10.10 18:53:21] Cherry Withers: Hello moving here

[28.10.10 18:54:29] C Galas: Hi--on the new one.  Cathie

[28.10.10 18:58:16] stevesargon: I would like to listen in as well

[28.10.10 18:58:17] Cherry Withers: Me too

[28.10.10 18:58:43] C Galas: please add me--what age group is he working with? gender?

[28.10.10 19:00:48] Rita Freudenberg: Rita will make an appointment with Gary Lebowitz and aks if he has something in print to send us before.

[28.10.10 19:02:06] Rita Freudenberg: http://tracker.squeakland.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa

[28.10.10 19:03:35] Cherry Withers: Rita, it's been a while since I logged in to this and I remember having a difficulty last time

[28.10.10 19:04:18] Rita Freudenberg: who can log in?

[28.10.10 19:04:20] Rita Freudenberg: Rita

[28.10.10 19:05:49] Cherry Withers: Is this more for assigning tasks?

[28.10.10 19:06:28] Rita Freudenberg: you can assign tasks in jira, but you don't need to

[28.10.10 19:07:16] stevesargon: So we have basic Project Management Issues for an all volunteer workforce

[28.10.10 19:07:39] stevesargon: The Dear Horatio is not in our Jira, but in ourselves ;)

[28.10.10 19:08:23] C Galas: Yes, but then why not put up a list on a wiki page that gets crossed out when we use it--they can add explanation.

[28.10.10 19:09:44] stevesargon: The best to do list tool, is the one you use

[28.10.10 19:10:26] stevesargon: Yes, its currently a large amorphous pile of undoability

[28.10.10 19:10:42] stevesargon: Okay that was too harsh

[28.10.10 19:14:42] stevesargon: The Wiki, also has a "Watch" function where you can get notified of changes to a particular page

[28.10.10 19:15:57] stevesargon: We have different types of items: To Do list items, Documents, Ideas/Discussions in progress

[28.10.10 19:16:06] stevesargon: Jira is good for To Do list items

[28.10.10 19:16:51] stevesargon: Documents/Ideas/Discussions etc are where a Wiki/emails are better

[28.10.10 19:17:32] Rita Freudenberg: http://wiki.squeakland.org/display/sq/Home

[28.10.10 19:18:54] stevesargon: http://wiki.squeakland.org/display/sq/Book+-+Manual+Page

[28.10.10 19:20:37] C Galas: great Steve!

[28.10.10 19:24:44] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.squeakland.org/doc/en/

[28.10.10 19:24:57] Cherry Withers: great!

[28.10.10 19:28:06] Cherry Withers: what's our next book? When can we start a "Powerful Ideas" sequel....ok...that's a very hard book to follow up on because it's already brilliant, but maybe an Etoys in the Classroom kind of book.

[28.10.10 19:28:26] Cherry Withers: Go Steve!

[28.10.10 19:28:38] Rita Freudenberg: Rita will put the .zip-file with the Etoys pictures in some place.

[28.10.10 19:29:02] Cherry Withers: Yey!

[28.10.10 19:30:03] Cherry Withers: Can we use the same car? or that has to change as well?

[28.10.10 19:30:31] Cherry Withers: Ah...that's too bad since the car is iconic.

[28.10.10 19:30:44] Cherry Withers: :-( I love that car

[28.10.10 19:33:24] Cherry Withers: Steve please let me know how I can help

[28.10.10 19:33:27] C Galas: Thank you everyone!

[28.10.10 19:33:43] stevesargon: Absolutely all help is welcome

[28.10.10 19:34:39] Cherry Withers: I can go on Monday now

[28.10.10 19:34:43] Cherry Withers: 1pm (PST)

[28.10.10 19:34:50] stevesargon: We can alternate times

[28.10.10 19:35:34] C Galas: I sent the pdf to Steve, Cherry, and Avigail.

[28.10.10 19:35:48] Cherry Withers: Thank you Cathie!!!

[28.10.10 19:35:51] stevesargon: What is the status of the videos from Squeakfest?

[28.10.10 19:36:22] Cherry Withers: I think that was on the second day

[28.10.10 19:37:01] stevesargon: Can we get Bert's Talk Posted? That would be useful to a lot of folks

[28.10.10 19:37:23] Cherry Withers: yes

[28.10.10 19:37:32] Rita Freudenberg: find out how to post videos

[28.10.10 19:37:37] C Galas: Steve's math work should also go up.

[28.10.10 19:37:42] Cherry Withers: yes I agree

[28.10.10 19:37:51] stevesargon: Thanks

[28.10.10 19:37:54] stevesargon: Bye

[28.10.10 19:37:57] Cherry Withers: bye bye Cathie! Thank you everyone!

education team meeting, October 14th

We had a great meeting today. We started talking about the emerging projects, Randy's PIC language and the Radijojo project. For PIC language, some improvements on the showcase are needed, so it can be used for exchanging projects between children from Uruguay and the US. For the Radijojo project, Beth is interested to participate with children from Haiti and Sao Tome. And Steve had the great idea to re-write the Powerful Ideas book within Etoys.

Here is the chat log:

hi there
[14.10.10 18:39:50] Randall Caton: hi
[14.10.10 18:39:51] Beth Santos: i see it!
[14.10.10 18:39:55] stevesargon: yes
[14.10.10 18:42:56] stevesargon: Tags would be easy to fix
[14.10.10 18:43:47] Rita Freudenberg: Randy will meet someone at a community center to make contact to children for the PIC language project
[14.10.10 18:43:49] stevesargon: one sec,
[14.10.10 18:43:57] Beth Santos: i'll ask tim about putting tags ont he squeakland showcase
[14.10.10 18:44:01] stevesargon: I'm on a call
[14.10.10 18:45:49] stevesargon: Ok I'm back
[14.10.10 18:46:54] Beth Santos: randy is back!
[14.10.10 18:47:32] Rita Freudenberg: he would like to get feedback from the education team when the draft is done at the end of November
[14.10.10 18:47:44] stevesargon: I will do it in two phases, one: enable a list of projects by tag, two: provide a tag cloud (as opposed to a simple list of tags)
[14.10.10 18:50:58] stevesargon: Agreed, we should allow some kind of groups functionality so a class, set of classes can have their own "showcase"
[14.10.10 18:51:20] stevesargon: The class/group showcase would be available only to members of the group
[14.10.10 18:53:10] Rita Freudenberg: Carlos says the communication in the PIC project should rather be group-to-group instead of child-to-child
[14.10.10 18:53:40] Beth Santos: be right back, have another call coming in
[14.10.10 18:55:16] Rita Freudenberg: Avigail suggests the EtoysIllinois website could host the projects if showcase isn't working good enough
[14.10.10 18:59:25] stevesargon: If the default compression does not work on the XO, we should have the development folks change the default to an option that works.
[14.10.10 18:59:53] stevesargon: Randy, can you also enter that as an issue for 4.1.1
[14.10.10 19:01:14] stevesargon: Etoys for evedropping ;)
[14.10.10 19:01:37] Beth Santos: ok i'm back
[14.10.10 19:01:51] Beth Santos: btw, tim says turning the tags on in the squeakland showcase isn't hard. he just has to optimize the search. he had initially turned them off cause they were slowing things down
[14.10.10 19:14:14] Rita Freudenberg: spanish version of the powerful ideas book
[14.10.10 19:14:15] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.squeakland.org/resources/books/
[14.10.10 19:15:06] stevesargon: Watch out for the Microsoft/Intel machine, the XO is bad for their business model
[14.10.10 19:20:07] Rita Freudenberg: is there a place where we could communicate with ceibal in English?
[14.10.10 19:20:20] Rita Freudenberg: carlos, can you send a link?
[14.10.10 19:23:40] stevesargon: http://rapceibal.ning.com/
[14.10.10 19:24:43] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.ceibal.edu.uy/
[14.10.10 19:41:07] stevesargon: We will NOT translate the Powerful Ideas book, but we can re-render the  non patentable/copyrightable Powerful ideas in a new form.
[14.10.10 19:41:34] stevesargon: We start with the ideas from the first project in the book and render them in an Etoys project
[14.10.10 19:42:00] stevesargon: Suggestions for starting: 1) list the powerful ideas, 2) play around with different ways of representing those ideas in Etoys
[14.10.10 19:42:21] stevesargon: 3) Lay out lesson plans to use thow representations for teachers
[14.10.10 19:42:31] stevesargon: doen
[14.10.10 19:42:33] stevesargon: done
[14.10.10 19:43:12] stevesargon: Paper is one medium, Etoys is another ;)
[14.10.10 19:43:49] stevesargon: Once we have the projects, we can create a paper version from that
hi there

[14.10.10 18:42:56] stevesargon: Tags would be easy to fix

[14.10.10 18:43:47] Rita Freudenberg: Randy will meet someone at a community center to make contact to children for the PIC language project

[14.10.10 18:43:49] stevesargon: one sec,

[14.10.10 18:43:57] Beth Santos: i'll ask tim about putting tags ont he squeakland showcase

[14.10.10 18:44:01] stevesargon: I'm on a call

[14.10.10 18:45:49] stevesargon: Ok I'm back

[14.10.10 18:46:54] Beth Santos: randy is back!

[14.10.10 18:47:32] Rita Freudenberg: he would like to get feedback from the education team when the draft is done at the end of November

[14.10.10 18:47:44] stevesargon: I will do it in two phases, one: enable a list of projects by tag, two: provide a tag cloud (as opposed to a simple list of tags)

[14.10.10 18:50:58] stevesargon: Agreed, we should allow some kind of groups functionality so a class, set of classes can have their own "showcase"

[14.10.10 18:51:20] stevesargon: The class/group showcase would be available only to members of the group

[14.10.10 18:53:10] Rita Freudenberg: Carlos says the communication in the PIC project should rather be group-to-group instead of child-to-child

[14.10.10 18:53:40] Beth Santos: be right back, have another call coming in

[14.10.10 18:55:16] Rita Freudenberg: Avigail suggests the EtoysIllinois website could host the projects if showcase isn't working good enough

[14.10.10 18:59:25] stevesargon: If the default compression does not work on the XO, we should have the development folks change the default to an option that works.

[14.10.10 18:59:53] stevesargon: Randy, can you also enter that as an issue for 4.1.1

[14.10.10 19:01:37] Beth Santos: ok i'm back

[14.10.10 19:01:51] Beth Santos: btw, tim says turning the tags on in the squeakland showcase isn't hard. he just has to optimize the search. he had initially turned them off cause they were slowing things down

[14.10.10 19:14:14] Rita Freudenberg: spanish version of the powerful ideas book

[14.10.10 19:14:15] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.squeakland.org/resources/books/

[14.10.10 19:20:07] Rita Freudenberg: is there a place where we could communicate with ceibal in English?

[14.10.10 19:20:20] Rita Freudenberg: carlos, can you send a link?

[14.10.10 19:23:40] stevesargon: http://rapceibal.ning.com/

[14.10.10 19:24:43] Rita Freudenberg: http://www.ceibal.edu.uy/

[14.10.10 19:41:07] stevesargon: We will NOT translate the Powerful Ideas book, but we can re-render the  non patentable/copyrightable Powerful ideas in a new form.

[14.10.10 19:41:34] stevesargon: We start with the ideas from the first project in the book and render them in an Etoys project

[14.10.10 19:42:00] stevesargon: Suggestions for starting: 1) list the powerful ideas, 2) play around with different ways of representing those ideas in Etoys

[14.10.10 19:42:21] stevesargon: 3) Lay out lesson plans to use thow representations for teachers

[14.10.10 19:42:31] stevesargon: doen

[14.10.10 19:42:33] stevesargon: done

[14.10.10 19:43:12] stevesargon: Paper is one medium, Etoys is another ;)

[14.10.10 19:43:49] stevesargon: Once we have the projects, we can create a paper version from that